Netball at Broomhill Sports Club

Netball at Broomhill Sports Club

Last update 1st July, 2018

Broomhill Sport Club :: Netball Timetable 18-19

Broomhill Bronze Thistle Mark Certificate

Welcome to BSC Bobcats Netball. Our Netball has gone from strength to strength over the past 14 years and is a source of great pride to the BSC family. BSC is one of the most successful teams in Scotland winning many national cups & district championships. Our ambition is for our Netball to continue to grow and flourish in decades to come.

At Broomhill, we aim to build camaraderie, team spirit and confidence as well as ball skills and fitness. Many of our players go on to become Coaches and Umpires through our development programme and we encourage our players to mentor younger Girls. BSC value commitment and enthusiasm.

What to Expect at Broomhill Netball

Our Players train twice a week and wear a uniform to train in. All age groups enter district and national competitions. Your age group is decided by a Girls age following the 31st December, in line with competition rules.

These are:

• U9/11, U13, U15, U17

• Adult Competition Teams

• Adult Recreational Session (open to Parents to take part in)


NB: Players do two training sessions per week




Under 9/11/13s

Tuesday 6-7.30pm

Scotstoun Sports Campus (Annex)

Under 9/11/13s

Thursday 6-7.30pm

Scotstoun Sports Campus (Annex)

Under 15s

Tuesday 7.30-9pm

Scotstoun Sports Campus (Annex)

Under 15s

Thursday 7.30-9pm

Scotstoun Sports Campus (Annex)

U17 & Adults Competitive Teams

Tuesday 7.30-9pm

Scotstoun Sports Campus (Annex)

U17 & Adults Competitive Teams

Thursday 7.30-9pm

Scotstoun Sports Campus (Annex)

Adults Competitive Teams

Monday 7-8pm

Hynland Secondary


Players are expected to wear BSC training kit to sessions and matches. The uniform is an important aspect of our team identity and something that players enjoy wearing.

A training kit deposit of £20 is required. (This is refunded after 12 months membership and kit is renewed)
Training Kit includes: Training Top, Shorts, Leggings, Hoodie & Kit Ba.g


£31.50 a month by Direct Debit (over 12 months)
Includes 2 training sessions per week and matches
Minimum 1 week at Summer & Easter Camps and Preseason fitness week
Training Kit

Netball Registration Fees
For the girls to play in any of the Netball Scotland or Glasgow Netball competitions, we must register them with Netball Scotland, affiliation fees are;

  • £10 Junior Player playing in junior competitions
  • £26 Student Playing in adult competitions (this will apply to U17 players wishing to play in the adult league this year)
  • £40 for all other adults in competitive teams

We enter all District and National Competitions that we have access to for all age groups, these include;

  • U11 District Tournaments
  • U13 District Tournaments and Scottish Cup (2 Team Max entry)
  • U15 Glasgow League, U15 District Tournaments and Scottish Cup (2 Team Max Entry)
  • U17 Glasgow League, U17 District Tournaments and Scottish Cup (2 Team Max Entry)
  • Glasgow Adult League (Girls age 15 may play in the Glasgow Adult League)

Scottish Cup games are organised roughly between October and January. If teams progress, fixtures are organised from there.
Glasgow League runs from September to May and depending on home or away fixtures and number of teams entered will determine fixtures.
Glasgow Adult League begins on the 3rd September and runs until May, fixtures for the first half of the season are available on fixtures live at

If you wish for your daughter to play in competitions, please ensure that the coach in charge of your team has the best number to contact you about upcoming fixtures. Matches are played on a tight schedule and ease of communication is very important. A text will be sent informing you of all fixtures, as well as reminders at training.

We are looking for Parents to step up and help the Club. There are many things to do such as; Administration, Coaching & Assisting Coaching, Child Protection, Fundraising and Publicising our activity to the wider world.


Bad or unacceptable Behaviour

Where a player, parent or a coach acts in a way that contravenes our charter they will be reported to the Club’s disciplinary committee. From here the club reserves the right to suspend or dismiss anyone from the Club.

Social Media

Players/Management and Club Officials are responsible for ensuring all content hosted on their social network areas and any associated message boards or blogs abide by the Rules and Regulations of Broomhill Sports Club

Child Protection Policy

BSC believe in protecting the rights of Children and Adults to enjoy their sport in a safe and healthy environment. This policy is available on our website. If you want a copy let us know and we will email you a copy.

If you have any questions or importantly any concerns about a child’s wellbeing , please contact us at or call us at 0141 339 3606

Complaints & Comments

Where we receive a complaint from a player, parent or coach about any individual or aspect of the Club this will be investigated and we reserve the right to suspend or dismiss anyone from the Club.

The Club will require complaints to be put in writing and we will make an initial response within 48 hours.

Playing: If you have a complaint or criticism about team selection, tactics or coaching this cannot happen during or after a game or during a training session. Ask the Coach when would be an appropriate time to speak to them. We hope that we can all be respectful of one another at all times.

Complaints can be sent to the Club by email at: or call us at 0141 339 3606


0141 339 3606


BSC Training Locations