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Available Jobs Broomhill Sports Club

26th August, 2016

Available Jobs Broomhill Sports Club

BSC Jobs Bulletin :: 26/08/16

If any of you have a business and looking to recruit staff let us know and we will include that information in this circular to members and social media.

Job Title - Mini Bus Driver
Description - Driving team and supporters shuttle on Saturdays.
Application Details - You will need to be over 25 and have relevant driving license to drive 17 seater minibus. Additional training course will be provided.
Salary - Negotiable hourly rate or hire fee.

Job Title - Youth Scout
Description - Watching youth games on Saturdays and Sundays
Application Details - Some Football experience is required but training will also be provided.
Salary - Expenses will be paid and are negotiable.

Job Title - Supporters Club Coordinator
Description - We need a convenor for the BSC supporters Club.
Application Details - You will be gregarious and a good communicator. Your job will be to enthuse others to follow BSC and coordinate the supporters shuttle from Munro’s Bar.
Salary -There will be some perks of Office such a picking ‘Man of the Match’ and  the odd free Beer but this is a voluntary position.

Job Title - Netball Helpers
Description - To support our young Coaches in organising games and transport and general logistics.
Application Details - Phone call and texting and some emails get teams to and from matches.
Salary - If you are a busy Parent you will cope with this very easily. It’s an extension of what we do  organising our  day to day family lives.

Job Title - Fun 4v4s Helpers. (For P1,2&3s)
Description - We need parents help supervise these informal games
Application Details - No experience is required as these sessions are fun and we deliberately try not to Coach the players.
Salary - If you are a Parent and watching why not volunteer. You hold a football, cheer them on and pick up the cones afterwards.

Job Title - Team Helpers (7asides)
Description - People to help with Admin and/or Coaching
Application Details - We need people to help us with a 06 team, 07 Barra Team, new 08 teams. Need Coaches, Admin people to send out Texts and first aiders.
Salary - These teams need to start developing now. Having a adults involved with each team is essential if they are going to play in leagues in coming years. You will be worried about time and commitment. Don’t be, this is time very well spent for you and your child.

Job Title - 11 Aside Coach and Helpers
Description - People to help with Admin and/or Coaching
Application Details - 2000s: Coach Needed. 2001s: Coach Needed. 2004: Admin Support
Salary - Coaches will need to have the SFA Youth level 1.2 badge or be willing to take the course which we will cover cost of.

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