BSC 'Broomy the Fox'

BSC 'Broomy the Fox'

23rd May, 2016

Broomhill Sports Club New Mascot :: BSC 'Broomy the Fox'

Great news we have a new Mascot for BSC. Our friends and the West College Scotland  in Clydebank organised a competition and Sophia Ayoubi,  from Hyndland Secondary came up with a winning design and idea. Sophia created ‘Broomy the Fox’ for a competition run by HND Media students at West College Scotland.  The brief was to design a mascot which would define the ethos of Broomhill Sports Club, which aims to encourage participation by boys and girls in enjoyable activities that promote health and well-being. 

Steven Murphy, a final year student whose PR team ran the competition, told us:

 ‘The standard of entries was very high, but Broomy stood out.  I’m sure he’ll appeal to both boys and girls.’

 Sophie came up with her idea before Filbert the Fox led Leicester City to victory in the English Premier League.  Hopefully Broomy can do the same for BSC. 

Sophia’s says; "I came up with the idea of drawing a fox because foxes are very common in Hyndland. I also chose a fox because foxes are fast and something to be reckoned with! I thought a fox would be a good idea because the BSC football team train on the pitches right next to the Hyndland Fox.

I was really excited that I had won the competition - I didn't think I would win but I was pleasantly surprised!" 

It can be views online at:

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