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BSC: Campaign for cheaper sports facilities

7th September, 2016

BSC: Campaign for cheaper sports facilities

Can you help us campaign for a reduction in the cost of sports facilities in Glasgow.

Glasgow charges more than double for training facilities than other Councils in Scotland.

In some areas youth sports facilities are Free.  

We want to propose that as a legacy for the Commonwealth Games all facilities for Youth teams in the City should be free of charge. 

We have had to put our fees up to meet the costs charged in Glasgow. BSCs expenditure for the hire of facilities has gone from 4Ok to 75K per year over the last three years.

I hope you will agree that this is not right and is counterproductive for the health and wellbeing of Glaswegians in generations to come. 

You can help by signing our electronic petition by CLICK HERE

Please get other people you know to sign this and perhaps you can go a little further by writing to local politicians asking them support the idea of free access to sports facilities for youth teams such as BSC and others. There are local elections in May 2017 so politicians should be listening.  

Local Politicians can be contacted as follows at; 

Local Councillors 

Martin Bartos -   

Aileen Colleran -   

Feargal -   

Kenny Mclean -   

Malcolm Balfour -   

Paul Carey -   

Paul Findley -   

Judith Fisher -   

Local MSPs contacts can be found at; 

BSC Training Locations